Education of Holy Quran
  • Noorani Qaidah
  • Reading of 30 Ajza (Parah)
  • Education in Hijazi accent
  • Memorization of selected surahs (chapters)
  • Salah & its issues
  • Daily life prayers
  • Basic rules of Tajweed
  • Certification award
Memorization of Quran
  • Memorization in native (Hijazi) accent
  • Memorization with the practice of Tajweed
  • Basic information about the Holy Quran
  • Participation in international competitions
  • Certificate from affiliated board
Understanding of Quran and Sunnah
  • Basic information of Quran
  • Four terminologies of Quran
  • Towards understanding Islam
  • Selected speeches
  • Manners of life
  • Short history of Islam
Islamic Fiqh
  • Islamic laws about Ebadat
  • Islamic laws about social relationships
  • Islamic laws about marital life
  • Specific issues of women
  • Riba, Banking system, Veil and other issues
Arabic Language Course


  •  Basic arabic grammar rules (نحو و صرف)
  • Quranic arabic
  • Arabic speaking tools
  • Arabic writting tools
  • Arabic listening tools
  • Arabic literature
Urdu Language Course
  •  Basic Urdu understanding
  • Writing skills
  • Reading skills
  • Listening skills
  • Urdu literature
  • Iqbaliyat

About us

It is our effort to build this institute as an online set-up for research and education to reveal the facts of this universe to all human kind and an icon of peace for whole universe and all kind of creatures in it by playing a positive role. The latest revealed knowledge Quran and Teaching of last prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) are such sciences to establish a society on the bases of education, wisdom, justice, peace and affections.

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